More than just a Pretty House

Making improvements to your home, such as converting a loft or adding a conservatory can add resale value to your property, as well as increasing the amount of living space available to you. However, making major modifications to your property such as these can cost a considerable amount of money. You could take out a […]

Coming back from a holiday to find your home has been ransacked and your precious possessions taken is enough to shock most of us into taking home security measures. Burglary is rife in many areas of the UK, including city centres such as Bradford, Manchester and parts of London. However, according The Independent, Leeds tops […]

The way we use our homes changes with the stages of our lives. As we or our relatives get older, our environment needs to become safer and easier to navigate. You can buy furniture from specialist providers such as riser and recliner chairs made by Westminster Recliners but there are a number of simple steps […]

Many homes nowadays have stair lifts for the elderly or for people with restricted mobility of any age. They’ve become a familiar sight that we can take for granted. A wonderful invention, they’ve reclaimed many a home for people whose movement might not have allowed them to use their upper floors any more, meaning more people […]

The Benefits of a Plastic Playhouse

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Once you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a playhouse that your children can spend some great active time out in the garden making the most of the fresh air, you only have to decide between a smaller plastic garden playhouse for your younger children or from a range of wooden playhouses so your children […]

What’s the point in having a garden without looking at it or using it? It’s a great entertainment centre for all the family and is not just a field of grass or your local Wembley Stadium. Instead of thinking about it as outside your house, you can use it as an extension of your property […]

After the recent poor trends in the housing market, moving home is either not feasible or not possible for a large number of people across the UK. Where you need to increase the space in your home and the cost of an extension may be a step too far, purchasing a log cabin for your […]

Have you seen photos of modern living rooms and wondered how you can create that kind of space in your own home? The challenge for most do-it-yourself designers when it comes to contemporary living rooms is making the space just as livable as it is stylish. But choosing modern decor could actually make your living […]

When you wish to transport yourself from a busy and noisy house into a log cabin down your garden where you can cast away your creative ideals in a purpose-built art studio, what are you waiting for? A garden log cabin will provide you with a quiet home for your relaxation. You can enjoy painting […]

Creating the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

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The term bachelor has evolved over the years, so much so that when we attribute it to a person today it describes so much more than just the state of being single. Aside from issues of attitude, appearance, fashion and financial security, modern bachelors must ensure they have a suitable home or pad, which would […]