It was not all that long ago that I reported that Honeysuckle, was named the Pantone colour of the year. In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is a blue pink that looks yummy enough to taste. I quite like this colour, but have not come across it on one single wall since it was named the trendiest of the trendy for 2011. This has led me to feel a tad sorry for the ignored winner, and I have since made a point of it to put it down on my list to use come hell or high water. The only question left was what to pair it with, and with this came a flood of potential suitors. The match that I made was in keeping with the floral theme of the name of this pink. The combinations I recently used was a vibrant green leaf and a businessy grey-brown called corporate. I plan to post a photo of the dining room that I have been describing shortly. I was so pleased with the finished product that I think it might prompt others to embrace Honeysuckle too.