I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to guard against stains and to remove them from our laundry. Though I have had great success with the product Biotex, I am finding it increasingly difficult to locate. My fear is that I must find a replacement, and fast. As my search for the next best thing goes on I am encountering some interesting stuff, let me share with you.

I was completely oblivious to the amazing properties in good old baby powder to safeguard against stains. But, after reading about it, I tested it and have seen it in action, and it really works. You are meant to sprinkle the powder onto the underarm and collar sections of white shirts, then follow this by ironing. Apparently, the powder creates a barrier that keeps icky stuff from seeping into the material.

As I mentioned, I did a test run on this, but next I am going to see how powerful it really is against my main laundry nemesis, sunscreen. It is ruining the white clothes we wear with sunscreen on us. It is unsightly, and I would be spellbound by anything that prohibits the damage from occurring. It would save us from having to replace items, and eliminate the disappointment of having to chuck clothes we hoped to keep for a long while.