When a room is decorated in keeping with Feng Shui guidelines it naturally draws people into it because of its harmonious layout. It is one that, based upon balance, appears inviting, and puts those who enter it at ease due to its relaxed formation. Along with the balance comes the flow that might not be something everyone can identify as being a source of the space’s success, but it is a critical factor nonetheless.

One of the easiest of ways to set up such an area is to start with the simplicity of arranging a seating area around a round coffee table, or oversized ottoman. The purpose here is to abolish what are known as poison arrows. Those are created by the sharp angles of a square, or rectangular table, or ottoman. The round focal piece allows people to reach a seat easily because there is a smooth path around it. By placing a small rug beneath the round piece of furniture the focal point is well established, thus further directing attention to the gathering area.